We are meeting every Monday in the church room at St Mary's Funtington between 5.30pm and 6.30pm to pray for our parish.

A number of us are praying that God will grow our church. We have developed the following list as a live chart of the things we are praying for. We believe this is a really exciting opportunity to ask God to grow his work in our parish. It is open to everyone, and we would be delighted if you can join us. We meet regularly in the Funtington Church Room on Mondays at 5.30pm. We have representatives from all three churches and we are praying with a united front.

The Outcomes we are praying for:

  • Growth in numbers
  • Growth in church giving
  • Growth in influence


  • Growth in prayer
  • Growth in participation
  • Growth in church community
  • Growth in unity
  • Growth in Holy Spirit's presence
  • Growth in guidance
  • Growth in productiveness
  • Growth in commitment
  • Growth in Joy
  • Growth in understanding
  • Growth in trust
  • Growth in love
  • Growth in generosity including time
  • Growth in serving
  • Growth in worship
  • Growth in outreach
First published on: 8th August 2022
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