Who's who

Our Vicar

We are in Interregnum and currently do not have a vicar or priest-in-charge


St Mary's Churchwardens.

Paul Wren and Phillipa Kerr


St Andrews Churchwarden.

Caroline Noble


Safeguarding Officer.

Tony D'Alton


PCC Members.

Pippa Kerr                          

Paul Wren                          

Caroline Noble                  Deanery Synod

Tricia Dry                           Treasurer

Carolyn Watt                      Secretary
Neil Watt                            Assistant Treasurer & Deanery Synod

Andrew Lillie                      Electoral Roll Officer

Tony D’Alton                      

Gwynne Oakley Smith       Deanery Synod Rep

Deborah Hughes

Andrew Hughes

Gill Boote

Claire Hoare

Denise Foster

Kay Knowles

James Noble

Edward Platt

Joanne Wergan

Judy Meeke

Eloise Rank


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